Create a large eye catching impression when your beautifully printed brand image is on display with a graphic laminates portable bannerwall!

The robust aluminium frame is light, durable and user friendly, enabling you to have your image up in minutes.

This versatile and portable stand is available with sidewrap walls providing brand exposure from all angles.

The fabric banner is attached to the frame with velcro and can remain on the frame even when folded up and packed away. Next time you want to display your brand, simply remove the bannerwall from its carrier bag, pop it up, secure the connectors and your image is displayed.

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  • 2250mm x 780mm
  • 2250mm x 1520mm
  • 2250mm x 2250mm
  • 2250mm x 3000mm
  • 2250mm x 3750mm
  • 2250mm x 4500mm
  • Side wraps x 370mm per side